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Parking Validations
Parking Validation is offered at our self park lot locations throughout our lot locations all around downtown of Milwaukee. This service is offered for individuals looking for parking, nearby businesses to offer parking to clients and customers, or employers offering parking to their employees. Please see our self park lot locations for availability or contact Downtown Auto Parking for more information.
Validation Terms & Conditions
  1. All parking validation coupons or tickets must be authorized by participating businesses and Downtown Auto Parking.
  2. A validation ticket has a limited value and is not a substitute for a parking ticket that was issued at time of entrance.
  3. Validation tickets cannot be requested from the parking cashier/attendant or from pay stations.
  4. Lost or stolen validation tickets cannot be replaced or be redeemed the next day.
  5. A validation coupon or ticket must be used on the day of issuance.
  6. Permanent Validations signs can be made from request at a monthly fee.
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