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Waukesha Memorial Hospital
Huddles Newsletter
"Valet assists physician and patient… We all can make a difference in our patients’ lives. A physician was called in to the ED to perform an emergency catheterization on a patient having a heart attack. Ideally, our goal is 60 minutes for door-to-balloon time (time from patient arrival to our ED to time the heart vessels are opened in the cath lab). “Door-to-Balloon Time” is one of the quality metrics we measure and pride ourselves on. When the physician arrived at the hospital, he was unable to find an available parking space and did not have the time to continue to seek a space. So he dropped off his car with his keys in the ignition, at the valet station and Luis Cruz, the valet on duty, took responsibility from there. The courteous and professional service that Luis provided, allowed the physician to immediately proceed to the ED, focus on the patient and successfully complete the procedure within our goal time. When the physician returned to the valet station to pickup his car, he thanked the valet and offered to buy him lunch. The valet wouldn’t accept, indicating it was part of his responsibility. It’s team work like this and the strong work ethic of our staff that allowed this physician to emergently treat his patient. Thank you, Luis. This note of thanks was generated at the request of the physician."
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